Monday, March 19, 2012

Your inner genius?

Today, I read a very thought-provoking question and I wanted to share it with you.  It comes from Alan Cohen’s book “A Daily Dose of Sanity” and reads, “Consider a question you are wondering about.  If you knew the answer, what would it be?” Many times when having to make a decision, I already know what I want to happen.  I have something inside me that guides me to the correct course.  Some may call it intuition, gut reaction, Spirit, consciousness, etc. Alan Cohen calls it our “inner genius.” I like that. It is empowering to know that I, myself, have the answer within and just need to access it. I once heard that if you really don’t know the answer, flip a coin. The answer will come as the coin is in the air, you will suddenly know which one you do or don’t want. I often think about that.  Clearly there is an “inner genius” inside each of us.

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