Sunday, July 2, 2017

There is hope

Soul Attraction
By: Annette Thomas

Some say it's just the
honeymoon phase.
Everything is fresh
and exciting. It
feels perfect.

We are constantly
learning new things
about each other,
and having first
experiences together.

Many say that it is
during this period that
sound judgement takes
a timeout and red flags
are often ignored.

It is initiated due to
a physical attraction,
which is a gut reaction
or instant instinct and
could steer you wrong.

We, however, have
more than that. We
have such intense
emotional intimacy -
and it keeps growing.

We are able to reveal
and communicate true
feelings, thoughts, fears
and desires, even at the
risk of being vulnerable.

There is no other way
to explain this sense
of safety, and trust
than to simply say it
is a soul attraction.