Sunday, July 2, 2017

There is hope

Soul Attraction
By: Annette Thomas

Some say it's just the
honeymoon phase.
Everything is fresh
and exciting. It
feels perfect.

We are constantly
learning new things
about each other,
and having first
experiences together.

Many say that it is
during this period that
sound judgement takes
a timeout and red flags
are often ignored.

It is initiated due to
a physical attraction,
which is a gut reaction
or instant instinct and
could steer you wrong.

We, however, have
more than that. We
have such intense
emotional intimacy -
and it keeps growing.

We are able to reveal
and communicate true
feelings, thoughts, fears
and desires, even at the
risk of being vulnerable.

There is no other way
to explain this sense
of safety, and trust
than to simply say it
is a soul attraction.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Will Hope be Shattered by Loss?
By: Annette Thomas

I can’t be with her anymore;
As a friend, lover, or otherwise
It is not worth my sanity and heart.
It hurts each time she walks away.

The first time, I completely gave
Her my soul, everything I had;
And she walked away, leaving
Me broken and trampled on.

The second time, we agreed only
To friendship. Once more, I gave
It all that I had; opening myself
Up yet again, only to have her leave.

And this third time, she spoke of
Making it work together and to
Speak if I had concerns or was
Worried about something.

At first, I was taken to the
Depths of doubt. I questioned
What could go wrong and all
That was good in the relationship.

But still, I held onto hope.
Hope for a life together.
Hope for happiness again.
Hope for love’s resurrection.

She claimed I was trying too
Hard. Is that not what people
Do in relationships? Try and
Strive to give it your best shot.

Well, you know the drill.
She left, asking me to stop
Calling and “enjoy” my day.
What the hell?

“I’m over it,” I said, but
It still hurts as I had given
Myself to her completely,
Only to have her vanish.

Despite it all, I was
Hopeful. I gave it my all.
I tried with everything in me.
Will hope be shattered by loss?

Yesterday, when I was at Unity of Fort Collins (after meeting with the folks at Heart Talks), I found my answer. It was sitting on the shelf of freebies in the Community Corner. There was a blue bracelet calling to me. It had one single word on it: Hope. There is love out there for me (so everyone says). Will I find it? Will I have to wait a year and a half to go out on another date? I don't know, but I do know this: I will hope. My hope will not be shattered by loss. So, I'm taking this to my blog and I will share my story with you as a confessional poet. I simply ask that you, too, hope. Don't let anyone take that from you. Long live hope!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Today, I find myself needing to hug my heart and tell myself that it is ok to love again. It is ok to let the love flow again regardless of the outcome. So today I write...

Hug Your Heart
By Annette Thomas
(February 11, 2017)

Sometimes the feeling of
Love takes over your mind
And there is nothing else
That you can think about.

The longing to be held in
Someone’s arms, especially
THAT someone, can be
An inextinguishable desire.

However, if you have been
Hurt before the thoughts
Don’t stop there. No,
Fear and doubt creep in.

The questions start to
Paralyze you: Why?
How? What if this?
What if that? When…

Don’t let this overpower
You. Let the love flow
Freely from your being
And hug your heart.