Saturday, February 11, 2017

Today, I find myself needing to hug my heart and tell myself that it is ok to love again. It is ok to let the love flow again regardless of the outcome. So today I write...

Hug Your Heart
By Annette Thomas
(February 11, 2017)

Sometimes the feeling of
Love takes over your mind
And there is nothing else
That you can think about.

The longing to be held in
Someone’s arms, especially
THAT someone, can be
An inextinguishable desire.

However, if you have been
Hurt before the thoughts
Don’t stop there. No,
Fear and doubt creep in.

The questions start to
Paralyze you: Why?
How? What if this?
What if that? When…

Don’t let this overpower
You. Let the love flow
Freely from your being
And hug your heart.