Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hidden Treasures?

For the first time ever, I read one of my poems in public before a crowd of over 35 people. I was one of 25 people scheduled to read.  The names were to be randomly chosen from a basket to determine the order and guess whose name got drawn first - Annette Thomas. I was shaking as I read my poem, but was comfortably reminded that I had friends in the audience cheering me on. It was 2 hours of bliss.  Thanks to all for making this event amazing.  I am continually reminded of the many treasures that a day can bring. And so I write...

Hidden Treasures
By: Annette Thomas

Finding hidden treasures
you knew were
always there.

Finding hidden treasures
you knew were
really rare.

Finding hidden treasures
that showed you
someone cared.

Love, beauty, and joy
Smiles, laughter, and play
Forgiveness, silence, and tears

Finding hidden treasures…

What a day!

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