Friday, March 30, 2012

Self Reflection?

Your Shadow Follows Your Lead
By: Annette Thomas

Is your shadow doing the things
You want others to see?
Being the shadow you want it to be?
Going where you want it to go?
Sowing the seeds you want it to sow?
Saying the things you want it to say?
What is it that your shadow displays?

Do you just watch your shadow
In the daytime when the sun is out;
And when it’s dark, turn around
To make sure that it’s gone about?
What kind of shadow do you have –
One that fades with the light
Or one that’s always in your sight?

Keep a watch on your shadow
For it is a reflection of you –
Doing the things that you do,
Saying the things that you say,
Playing the games that you play.
Your shadow lives as you live
And follows your lead!

1 comment:

  1. ....well if you ever feel alone, just remember this great poem of your is follows you about, it is always with you....just like the unseen forces and energies that surrond you !