Monday, October 5, 2015

It Hurts As Much As I Loved
By Annette Thomas

I continue to hear
move on there'll be
another, but they
do not realize that
I loved her with
every fiber of my
being. And that now
I cry myself to sleep
at night because I hurt
as much as I loved.

Yes I will survive
but right now I hurt,
just as I loved, with
every breath I take.
As the stars fill the
sky, so do these
tears fill my eyes.
The pain is great
because I hurt as
much as I loved.

I shared with her
more than a bed.
I shared with her
my soul, my inner
thoughts and feelings,
things I've never
shared with another.
Intimacy at its core.
So Yes it hurts. I
hurt, as much as
I loved. It hurts.

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