Tuesday, October 6, 2015

21 Days of Gratitude for Love: Day 1

I made the decision when I woke up this morning that I was going to spend the next 21 days celebrating and remembering all the love I've seen in my life and not focus on the love I've lost. And boy has the day been amazing! I have seen so much fun, love, life and laughter today since I made the decision to start looking for it. Today I celebrate a time filled with love. Each day I will post a poem and remember a time filled with the wonderful bliss of love! May your life be filled with the love of family, friends, and/or romance. Long live love!

The Love I Give
by: Annette Thomas

Reach out to me
like the sunrise
disperses beauty.

Wrap around and
surround me like
the land does the
majestic lake.

Hold on to me like
the leaf does to
its branch.

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