Wednesday, October 7, 2015

21 Days of Gratitude for Love: Day 2

Today I'm celebrating all kinds of love - the hugs from a family member, an "I love you" from your best friend, a smile from your roommate in the morning, the laughter of your co-workers, doctors with just the right bedside manners, and nice customers at the end of the phone such as the one I spoke to today from (who would've known) all that oozing love lol....May your life be filled with the love of family, friends, roommates, co-workers, doctors, customers and/or romance. Long live love!

Silent Embrace
By: Annette Thomas

The silence
Extinguishing words
Yet communicating
The enjoyment of the moment
The stillness of time
The melting of heart
The release of love
The embrace - ah!

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