Monday, October 12, 2015

21 Days of Gratitude for Love: Day 4 (10/9/15)

Today I am celebrating the freedom of pulling off one's suit of armor and fully loving another with everything in you. Yes, there are risks and yes, it opens you up to vulnerability, but there is nothing like it. Today I want to remember that wonderful release of armor and that experience of love. May you attract love into your life. May your life be filled with love and not the weight of armor. Long live love!

Dare to Love
By: Annette Thomas

Dare to love?
To pull off
the suit of armor?
To expose yourself
and risk injury
to your very soul?

Dare to love?
To stand emotionally
naked before someone?
Stripped of your
heart’s protection, thus
revealing your vulnerability?

Dare to love?
To allow another
to examine and
question all that
you were, are
and may become?

Dare to love?
I ask.

Dare to love
Is to be FREE.

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