Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fairy Dust Dreams?

Ah the magic and wonder of starry-eyed lovers…

Fairy Dust Dreams
By: Annette Thomas

Once upon a
Fairy dust dream
Two starry-eyed lovers
Danced on moonbeams.

This in my head
I began to repeat
And how it did make
My heart skip a beat.

Lost in a dreamland
Yes indeed
Continue for this
You must read…

As vibrant as
Your lovely laugh
This I must
Say on my behalf

Fairy dust makes
Me think of you
But this you
Really have no clue.

It was this dream
Of starry-eyed lovers
That made me
Want to really discover

The magic and
Wonder that I feel
Is only for you
And that’s for real.

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  1. Nice expression of a deep hearted poet at her best !