Thursday, May 3, 2012


What does it mean to be gentle? The dictionary states that being gentle is having a mild, controlled, calm nature or character; "not severe, rough, or violent." Common synonyms are: peaceful, soothing, mellow, pleasant, relaxed, patient, etc. You can probably think of someone with these charateristics. I know that I have in my life several people that fit that description. Gentleness is something that I look around for and admire. Who really wants grumpy, hostile, hateful, unkind, angry, and/or violent people in their lives? Yet, I have known people to treat themselves in such a manner. If you are such a person, STOP! You are worth more than that.  Be gentle with yourself. Love yourself. Know that people enjoy being around people that are kind, compassionate, tender and gentle. You can be that person.

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